Production Pipeline and Update on Investment

We have a few major pieces of news for you guys watching our studio. The first is the team.


We currently have our Senior Editor, Story Artist, Senior Modeler, and Collectible Product Specialist secured for our production. What this means is you will start seeing some significant progress over the next month in the pre-production phase.

Their experience includes Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and basically every other major animation studio at the senior level.


We currently have the concept design for key Black Sands characters. Ausar and Rah are modeled for production and will be 2d rendered in due time. We also have their expression sheets and the script for the teaser drafted. Things are moving quickly!


We will most likely do a convertible note for this round, mostly so we don’t have to do so much paperwork. The investment will involve ownership in Black Sands Entertainment, investor stake in the Production Co of Black Sands Studios, and Black Sands Publishing (the distribution branch of Black Sands Entertainment.)

As with all things there are risk, but atleast we are not selling dreams. We have market proven products.

Now how about those updates!

Ausar Face Expressions

Rah Concept Art