Investor Information
The studio changing the game.

Key Information

Preseed Rounds

Our crowdfunding abilities are unmatched. Our initial preseed rounds of investment closed very quickly.

$1,000,000 raised in Rounds 1 & 2 2020.

$1,000,000 raised in 2021 in Round 3.

Evaluation logic

TRACTION, SALES, and KEY MEMBERS. We have received numerous endorsements from industry influencers such as Michelle Obama, The Schomburg Center, ReedPOP, and many more. Black Sands Entertainment lifetime sales have crested $2 Million and our 2021 sales were $1.2 Million which shows our explosive growth. Our partner and Head of Studio is one of the best and most experienced producers in the industry. Compared to every other competitor we have in the indie world, we are the most poised to dominate with expansion. We also have an extremely strong social media presence with millions of impressions a month on Instagram alone.

Use of funds

Of our preseed funds, we have allocated $300,000 to rapidly develop three Netflix worthy pilots for our most popular properties. The remaining amounts will be allocated to the development of the distribution engine. This application will not only distribute our books, but also other creators’ content, video streaming, training, and other revenue generating assets but be completely free to users initially to encourage a rapid growth in the user base. All budgets will be disclosed to investors and there will be a quarterly meeting in NYC.

Return on Investment

Our job is to rapidly increase the value of the company in the next three years. As such, we will not be paying dividends. Our release schedule heavily affects our evaluations but we expect to increase the value of the company by 150% by the summer of 2020 and by 900% or more by the end of 2022. This is done by developing our highly licensable IPs, especially Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms. Investors will have a rapid increase in value of their investment and will be able to break up their shares in order to cash some in later on. Additionally, investors will have the right to first refusal to invest on the film productions in the next round. (this is significantly more.)

Revenue Generation

LICENSING, DISTRIBUTION, and SUBSCRIPTIONS. Our revenue model heavily relies on being able to distribute our content directly to users. This is why we are developing BSP (Black Sands Publishing.) This application will allow us to permanently capture our core audience and cut the middle man out of the picture. We currently print and sell books but we are transitioning away from that in order to focus on one product only. Subscriptions. Subscribers will get access to comics, training, and most importantly, our films. We will also do licensing for consumer product merchandise based on our content which has the largest upside revenue potential.

Release Schedule

All dates are not final. This is the best case scenario

  • Release of Pilots – Summer 2022
  • Application Launch – Launched! May of 2021
  • Film/TV Prods funding – Summer 2022
  • 1 million users – Winter 2021
  • Launch of shows – 2024

The BSP App has over 120,000 downloads to date and ranks in the top 40 apps of its category.

Our Purpose

The reason our company is not published professionally is because the industry does not support positive stories about African history. This is why we are doing this and why we are allowing long time supporters the chance to own a piece of the company. We must completely cut out the industry if we are to succeed in uplifting the black community in tangible ways. If that is what you want to do, you should join us in making a difference.

Liability & Risk

Because we are a content developing/tech company, there are some inherent risks involved. The main ones would be not being able to develop the properties at top quality or being unable to successfully garner enough interest in the properties to make it a profitable venture.

We are allowing other creators to use our application to lower the risk factor on interests while using some of the best in the industry to guarantee we effectively use our budget.

Strategic Partners

We will be recruiting influencers on social media and in the industry with cold hard cash and executive producer credits. We will not assume that we can do everything ourselves. As such, you can expect us to routinely introduce new partners that increase the value of the company wholesale.