Synopsis Galaxy at War!

Cosmic Girls follows the journey of Corina, a thirteen-year-old war orphan who becomes a bounty hunter for the United Empire of Earth in a distant future. She is amazing at her job, but her immaturity can show up at the worst of times. She is accompanied by an alien companion named Durasi, who comes from a strong line of warriors. These two takes on the Galaxy’s most notorious villains in a complicated setting where two major empires are vying for power over the Galaxy.

Genre Animated Action Comedy Adventure

Target Audience: 8-12 M/F

Format: eg. 52 x 11 min

Style: 2D Animation

Status: In development

Written By: Manuel Godoy

Visual Design: Joshua Bullock

Produced by: Teunis de Raat & Manuel Godoy



The No 1 Bounty Hunter In The Empire.

Ruthless – Arrogant – Troublemaker



Princess Of The Rove

Blood Thirsty – Narrow Minded – Assassin


General Davis

Commander Of The Cosmic Crusade

Mentor – Spy – Opportunist



Grand Inquisitor of The Rising Dawn

Zealot – Fanatic – Individualist

Factions Type
the rising dawn
United Empire of Earth
the taurithens
Free Star BSS

Eris Baker

Voice of Corina

Keith David

The General

Sasheer Zamata

Voice of Durasi

Jeremy Irons

Voice of Aliskar

Manuel Godoy Partner & CEO

Teunis de Raat Partner & Head of Studio